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Friendly Net Watcher 1.2

It helps you to control all the actions on your computer via internet
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Friendly Net Watcher is a powerful networking and monitoring application, which gives you the capability to control all the actions on your computer via internet. With the ability of its intuitive interface and network facility, you can monitor accesses to your computer, keep a record of all the opened and rewritten files, gather the data of the connected users, and kick out the needless connected user. You can get every details of each session like user name, IP address, operating system used by the user and so on. Since curious eyes always try to access confidential information through your computer, so you need a solution for it. Providing total security, Net Watcher alarms you whenever any intruder accesses your PC via the network. To make it more users friendly this application has been supporting multiple linguistic users. With a list of offered languages, it enables the user to change the interface language according to their convenience. Moreover, you can edit the interface language, add your selected language to the newer version and convert Net Watcher’s interface with any local language. It's a freeware version does not support all the features.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Keep record of all the opened and rewritten files
  • Kick out a needless connected user
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Freeware version has some features restricted
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